Nitro Lee - founding dog of Deaf Dogs Rock

If it were not for deaf boxer puppy Nitro, Deaf Dogs Rock would not exist.  His adoption by Christina and Chris Lee in 2010 introduced them to the world of deaf dogs and sparked an interest in helping other deaf dogs and their families.  This spark would spread throughout the world and grow to an active community of 65,000+ people who believe that Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts.

Sadly Nitro passed away in November of 2018.  We should all strive to have the blessing of leaving behind a legacy as he did.

In Nitro’s honor, we have established Nitro’s Fund – a specific fund dedicated to supporting the needs of deaf boxers and their families.

Nitro was the ultimate ambassador for deaf dogs, and deaf boxers particularly.  While all breeds are special, for many the boxer holds a position near and dear to their heart.  Their spirit, playfulness, joy, and perpetual youth are precious.

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Dogs Helped by Nitro’s Fund – You Can Make a Difference!

Nitro’s Fund helps deaf boxer puppy Lilly

When a person reached out to Deaf Dogs Rock to help her find a safe place for her six month old, deaf boxer puppy Lilly, we reached out to Green Dogs Unleashed rescue to see if they could make room for Lilly. Erika with GDU had an open foster family so Lilly was transported through our friends at Highway Heroes Rescue Transport Team. Lilly is sponsored in memory and by Nitro's Fund which is [...]

Harley Gets Help From Nitro’s Fund

Several weeks ago a vet clinic contacted us here at Deaf Dogs Rock to see if we could find a reputable rescue here in Virginia to help a little boxer girl named Harley. She was in boarding at their facility starting at 14 weeks of age. The previous person who had Harley never paid her vet bill or came to pick up her puppy so Harley was in limbo at the vet clinic for [...]

Boomer Gets Help From Nitro’s Fund

Sweet deaf boxer Boomer's caregiver passed away and we received several urgent message from our deaf dog advocates in Katy, Texas where Boomer was located. Deaf Dogs Rock put out a rescue sponsorship offer for Boomer and we are delighted to hear that the Austin Boxer Rescue took Boomer into rescue. Boomer will be sponsored in honor of our deaf boxer Nitro who passed away last November. Nitro would have adored Boomer and I [...]

Ella is a recipient of Nitro’s Fund

We are so happy to help a deaf boxer girl from Nitro's Fund. To honor Nitro's memory we sponsored deaf boxer Ella into our partner rescue Green Dogs Unleashed here in Virginia. If you want to learn more about Nitro's fund or donate in honor of your deaf boxer, click here to learn more.  Ella's story: Sometimes life throws a curve ball and the deaf dog ends up paying for it. Ella is one [...]

Daisy Gets Help From Nitro’s Fund

Deaf boxer pup Daisy is the latest recipient of Nitro's Fund so she is being sponsored into rescue through our Deaf Dogs Rock Nitro's Fund. If you would like to donate in honor of your deaf boxer to sponsor the next deaf boxer puppy/dog, click here to learn more. When a young man reached out to us for help with a deaf boxer puppy named Daisy we knew we had to help. Deaf pup [...]

Thank you Lora and Marlin!

We always love to hear from other deaf boxer families who adore their deaf boxers as much as we do ours. Even though Nitro is gone he will never be forgotten and we think of him fondly every single day. Lora and Marlin sent in a generous donation to Nitro's Fund to help the next deaf boxer like be sponsored into the safe harbor of rescue. Thank you Lora and Marlin, you totally rock! [...]

In Honor of Ozzy and Loki – Nitro’s Fund

While our deaf boxer Nitro was on this earth he had two best friends who were hearing boxers named Ozzy and Loki. Ozzy and Loki adored Nitro and he adored them. I would meet their mama and daddy Cherri and Brian at the dog park every day so Ozzy, Loki, and Nitro could run and play. They even hosted a birthday party for Nitro at their house one year. Ozzy, Loki and Nitro are [...]

Joy – First Recipient of Nitro’s Fund

When we received a plea for help for deaf 6 month old boxer Joy we knew she would be a perfect recipient for Nitro's Fund. Nitro gave us so much joy while he was here on this earth it would only be fitting that the first boxer to benefit from the sponsorship of Nitro's Fund name is Joy. Photo above: Joy just arrived from TN Green Dogs Unleashed here in Virginia thanks to our [...]