When we saw Kane’s sweet face we knew we had to help him. Kane is a 5 year old boxer who is heartworm positive and is a hurricane IDA survivor. He will need to start heartworm treatment and thank goodness he is now safely with 605 Boxer Rescue in Sioux Falls SD. Being that Kane just arrived in my home state of South Dakota and is now with a boxer rescue we have not partnered with before, we wanted to help with  his medical needs through Nitro’s Fund. Nitro’s Fund was set up to help deaf Boxers and their medical needs through a rescue sponsorship and medical sponsorship. We want to thank Ryan Chamas for his continued support so we can help deaf dogs like Kane get into reputable rescues where they can go on to find loving homes. Rayan plays Poker Tournaments on line and is a pretty darn good player. He donated 10% of his winnings to Animal Rescues, Foundations, Shelters and Animal Advocate organizations. You can check Rayan’s tournaments out on Twitch TV under and Twitter under the name Beriuzy and on Facebook.

If you would like to donate to Nitro’s Fund in honor or or in memory to your deaf boxer, please click here to learn more.