When we heard from a young lady with a new human baby who had also gotten a new puppy, but wanted to rehome her 11 month old deaf boxer, we reached out to Erika with Green Dogs Unleashed to see if she had room in her awesome program for deaf boxer Isla. Erika made room for this sweet 11 month old deaf boxer girl.

Above photo: Before Nitro passed away he was always in good company with the boxers he loved. 

Isla will be sponsored by Nitro’s Fund into Green Dogs Unleashed program. Nitro’s Fund was specifically set up to help deaf boxers in need of rescue. Now Isla will get the training and socialization she needs (and get spayed) to get her ready for her new journey. Erika will be fostering Isla at her farm on Troy VA and so far things are going well. Erika sent me several photos and she texted me “now I understand why you love deaf boxers so much because Isla is such a sweetheart” I am so glad Isla is in good hands. It gives me great joy to know that Nitro’s legacy is carried on with a sponsorship from Nitro’s Fund to help deaf boxers like sweet Isla.