Sweet 10 month old boxer puppy Clyde is our latest recipient of Nitro’s Fund. He was sponsored into Do Over Dogs A Second Chance at Life Rescue  in Broomfield, CO. It was a very stressful three days to get sick puppy Clyde into the safe harbor of rescue and we are so thankful for these wonderful women who helped us help Clyde.

How could anyone with a heart look at this sweet face and just feel the need to “get rid of him” so they could buy a new puppy? 


In my job working for Deaf Dogs Rock, I run across the worst in humanity (people who sell their deaf puppies on Craig’s List so they can buy another puppy) and I also run across the best of humanity. Thanks to rescue warrior women Lindsey Rubens, Rhea Thayer (for all your wisdom and help), Felicia Forsythe (for hanging in there) for working together to get sweet deaf puppy Clyde off of Craig’s List into the safe arms of rescue with Do Over Dogs A Second Chance at Life in Broomfield Colorado. It was such a pleasure to work with these amazing and loving woman. For three straight days it was an emotional roller coaster for all involved to get sick puppy Clyde to safety but we all came together in the end and he is safe. He was sponsored into rescue by Nitro’s Fund. When I saw Clyde’s photo all I could think about was my deaf boxer Nitro who passed away last year. I would give anything to see him one last time if it was only for one day and to think someone would just “get rid” of their beautiful deaf boxer puppy to buy Lab puppy for hunting.

None of us could wrap our hearts or minds around someone doing this to their beloved deaf boxer puppy. Now Clyde is safe, the rescue will work on getting him healthy again (he has Kennel Cough) so that he can be adopted and live in a home that will make him a member of their family, make him a priority and always keep him safe. Update: It looks like Clyde’s new foster family is so in love with him he is going to be a “foster fail”.

Photos above: Clyde enjoying his life with his new foster family.



Gracie aka Aspen Gets Help From Nitro’s Fund – Sanctuary Acres Boxer Rescue 

Two days after Clyde was safe we found out about a 11.3 year old deaf boxer girl named Gracie being kept outside in the cold after her owner had moved. We knew with the temps dropping down to the low 20’s that we had to move fast to get her into rescue. We contacted our friend Monsita at Sanctuary Acres Boxer Rescue to see if she could make room for Gracie. I drove 4 hours to get Gracie and bring her back to Roanoke, Virginia where she would see of vet right away and be safe and warm. She was very thin, has a heart murmur but she did not have Heart-worm disease which was my biggest concern. She is back at the vet because of how thirsty she is and she has to urinate every 20 minutes or so. The vet is running blood tests and putting her on some antibiotics. Her new name is Aspen and she is sponsored into rescue/vetting by Nitro’s fund.

Photo above: My friend Monsita (L) with Sanctuary Acres Boxer Rescue, Aspen and myself Christina Lee with right after our DDR transport to Roanoke, VA. 



As you can see she was emaciated when we picked her up (this photo was taken the same day we picked her up). She was also covered in yeast infection all over her body, her paws, her belly and she smelled really bad. Monsita gave her several baths with medicated soap and she was such a good girl while getting her bath.

A big shout out and thank you to all of you who donated for Giving Tuesday and for the past few months. Also thank you to all your deaf boxer lovers and Nitro lovers who donate to Nitro’s Fund so we can continue to sponsor deaf boxers into rescue. We could not do what we do without your vital support. If you would like to donate or learn more about what we do, you can click on our Support page or our Nitro’s Fund page.