Photos courtesy of East Coast Boxer Rescue

When we saw Zeus’ story on the East Coast Boxer Rescue Facebook page we knew Deaf Dogs Rock would want to help. By donating $400 to Zeus’ medical expenses from Nitro’s Fund we hope to help Zeus and his rescue with his medical expenses.

From East Coast Boxer Rescue:

Zeus amazes us here at East Coast Boxer Rescue. Zeus has endured a life that no puppy should have to. He was thrown out into a trash yard in Mexico and left to die. Could you imagine how scared he was? To be blind, deaf, and scared because you have no idea where you are at 4 months old??
And then to come to rescue showing NOTHING but gratitude, trust, and love is unbelievable.
So for all those who comment or send messages saying we are abusing him, or he is suffering and we should put him down, he is not. He plays, he loves life, he is happy. Take a second and realize it’s okay to be different. He may be blind and he may be deaf but he is worth it. I will never let him think any different.
Just Look through his pics and see just how far he’s already came. He will be doing even better soon.
He will lose his eyes, as they are not savable. But he is already blind so it won’t effect him anymore than already

After contacting East Coast Boxer rescue we learned that Zeus had just got out of surgery to remove his right eye. Their Ophthalmologist wants to try and save the left eye and they will know in a couple of days if the left eye needs to be removed or not. Since he is just 4 months old he should be able to adjust to his new life without being in pain. He will need a very special committed home with someone who will cherish him, make touch training a priority and always keep him safe.

Nitro’s fund was specifically set up to help deaf boxers in need or rescue and or medical care. We want to thank our Deaf Dogs Rock boxer community for supporting Nitro’s fund so we can continue to help deaf boxers like Zeus. If you would like to make a donation to Nitro’s Fund, please click here. 

Update 12/19/20: Zeus had his second eye removed but he is doing so much better. He will need to navigate the world as a deaf/blind boxer but since he is only a puppy he should adjust well with someone who is committed to positive reinforcement touch training.