Pinky, Otto and Sadie – North Texas Boxer Rescue – Cisco still is pending hearing testing.

When we got word from our FB friend/deaf dog advocate Armando that there was another white boxer at a Texas shelter who needed to be rescued we were sure she was deaf when we saw her photo. She looks just like our unilaterally deaf puppy Axl Blu. When I sent Armando a message to see if the boxer was deaf they did a test in the car and sent me a video. Well sure enough she is deaf. The North Texas Boxer rescue was heading back and had left the shelter an hour earlier with two other boxers when the ACO officer called to let them know about Pinky. The transport driver turned around and  headed back to pick up Pinky. They had just picked up Otto and Sadie (Otto is also deaf) and so Deaf Dogs Rock will be sponsoring all three boxers into North Texas Boxer Rescue. When there are two dogs together and one is deaf, we always sponsor the bonded pair even if one is hearing.

Photo above: Pinky deaf boxer – courtesy of North Texas Boxer Rescue


Photo above: Otto – Deaf white boxer – photo courtesy of North Texas Boxer Rescue


Photo above: Sadie who came in with Otto – Photo courtesy of North Texas Boxer Rescue 


Photo above: Otto and Sadie – Photo courtesy of North Texas Boxer Rescue 

Pinky, Otto and Sadie will be sponsored by Deaf Dogs Rock through Nitro’s Fund which helps deaf boxers like my Nitro into rescue where they can get the help they need to get vetting done and become available for adoption to find a loving forever home.