Deaf Dogs Rock put out a rescue plea for deaf boxer Pearl in Kentucky and we are so thankful Chelsea’s Hope Boxer Rescue in New Jersey raced to put a plan together to get her out of Kentucky and into their rescue. Pearl will be a recipient of a rescue sponsorship from Nitro’s Fund that was specifically set up in memory or our deaf boxer Nitro to help other deaf shelter boxers into rescue.

We want to thank Ryan Chamas for his continued support so we can help deaf dogs like Pearl to get into reputable rescues where they can go on to find loving homes. Rayan plays Poker Tournaments on line and is a pretty darn good player. He donated 10% of his winnings to Animal Rescues, Foundations, Shelters and Animal Advocate organizations. You can check Rayan’s tournaments out on Twitch TV under and Twitter under the name Beriuzy and on Facebook.

Pearl on her rescue ride! If you would like to make a donation to Nitro’s Fund in honor of your deaf boxer, please click here.