Poor sweet 10 month old deaf boxer Jack was at a Virginia shelter and unfortunately he did not get quality vetting from the shelter before he came into rescue. They neutered him and removed a lump in his leg. As soon as he arrived at our partner rescue Green Dogs Unleashed, he was rushed to their vet where he spent several days.  Jack is still having issues using his back leg but we hope and pray it improves soon. Jack is currently in foster care getting lots of love. Jack is sponsored into rescue through Nitro’s Fund which is set up to help deaf boxers like Jack out of shelters into the safe arms of special needs rescues.


We hope and pray Jack’s health improves and his leg gets better. In the mean time he is enjoying time at his foster home and learning all kinds of new things. Thanks to supporters our friends and supporters Vern and Patricia Kerst who work hard all the time upcycling furniture so we can sponsor deaf dogs like Jack here to give them a chance at a new life. Because of their donation we were able to send in a $500 sponsorship for Jack to help with his vet bills. Jack will soon be available for adoption when his leg improves and he learns some basic sign cues.