We are so thankful that The Phoenix Effect Death Row Rescue contacted Deaf Dogs Rock for additional information on training a deaf puppy because they would be pulling a deaf boxer puppy from a Midwest shelter. Little did they know that we have Nitro’s Fund set up specifically to  help deaf boxers in need of rescue and rescue sponsorship.

Above: Quincy’s shelter photo


Photos above: Kellie Granfield-Barber picking up Quincy. She looks pretty smitten with this little nugget of love. When we told Kellie about our special program and Nitro’s Fund and that we would love to sponsor Quincy through Nitro’s Fund she sent us the following message:

From Kellie with Phoenix Effect Death Row Rescue: Oh wow! Goosebumps and tears! That’s very generous, unexpected, and so heart warming! I don’t even know how to thank you properly! Thank you so, so much! This is appreciated more than you know!

It gives us so much pleasure to help other deaf shelter boxers. We found Nitro in our local shelter after he had been picked up by animal control on a cold winter’s day after someone had dumped him at the raging river. You can read more about Nitro’s Legacy here.