Tyson is a 3-4 year old gorgeous deaf male boxer. Sweet Tyson has been in the same home since he was 6 weeks old but sadly, his mom passed away recently from COVID leaving behind several children and Tyson. The children are now living with their father but Tyson was left behind. He was left in the yard for several weeks. A kind neighbor looked after him daily bringing food and water. A family friend reached out to Chelsea’s Hope Boxer Rescue. Tyson will be coming from West Virginia to the Northeast to Chelsea’s Boxer Rescue and he will be sponsored into their rescue through Nitro’s Fund which is a fund set up in memory of our deaf boxer Nitro who passed away in 2018. Nitro’s Fund was specifically set up to help deaf boxers in need of rescue. If you would like to help the next deaf boxer into rescue through Nitro’s Fund, please click here.