Submit a Deaf Dog Listing

This form should only be completed by fosters, rescue coordinators, or shelter staff.
You must have authority to list the dog for adoption.

Thank you for contacting Deaf Dogs Rock to request a deaf dog listing! This is the first critical step in finding a loving home for a deaf dog in need.

  • In the sections below you will provide information that is essential for giving a dog the best chance at a forever home.
  • Please be complete and accurate, do not guess. If you do not know the answer to a question then please wait to complete the listing request until you can find that information.
  • We cannot accept second party listings. You must be either the owner/foster, or an employee/volunteer of the shelter/rescue that is caring for the dog. Do not submit these requests on the behalf of others.
  • To stay true to our mission and focus, we can only list deaf dogs. We cannot accept listings for deaf and blind dogs, or hearing dogs.
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  • Title for the Dog Listing (must be in the form: Name - State Abbreviation, i.e. Casper-VA)

  • Please use the format: Name - State Abbreviation, example Rex - TX, or Casper - VA
  • Narrative - Body of the Post

    This is the main body of the dog listing.

    Describe the dog carefully - physical characteristics, behavior, and background.

    Tell the dogs story.

    Is there a certain type of adoption family you're looking for?

    Make this appealing to a perspective owner.

    Do not say "we don't have deaf dog experience so cannot work with this dog". No experience with deaf dogs is ever required, the adopter just needs a willingness to learn.

    Do not use scary statements like "this dog will be dead in 24 hours", we've found it simply does not help, and many people will not share the post if they think the dog is a lost cause.

    This writing should match the conversation you'd have with a perspective buyer, helping them confirm that this is the right dog to join their family.

  • Physical Information About the Dog

    It is important that all of the following physical information be completed accurately and completely.