Several weeks ago a vet clinic contacted us here at Deaf Dogs Rock to see if we could find a reputable rescue here in Virginia to help a little boxer girl named Harley. She was in boarding at their facility starting at 14 weeks of age. The previous person who had Harley never paid her vet bill or came to pick up her puppy so Harley was in limbo at the vet clinic for 3.5 months until legal abandonment proceedings could be filed. Once Harley became the property of the vet clinic they had her spayed and reached out to us.


Although it took several weeks to get a open foster home for Harley through our partner rescue Green Dogs Unleashed, we finally transported Harley into rescue. Harley will be sponsored into Green Dogs Unleashed program through Nitro’s Fund which is set up to help deaf boxers in need of medical care or rescue sponsorship. When I transported Harley into rescue she reminded me so much of Nitro. She has beautiful blue eyes and she is very laid back for a 8 month old boxer puppy. I look forward to seeing her flourish, learn all kinds of new signs, manners and see her enjoying the company of other dogs. Harley will be available for adoption through Green Dogs Unleashed Rescue here in Troy, VA. Thanks to Sarah at the vet clinic for reaching out to us, following up with all of our requests and for also volunteering to drive Harley to me here in Salem, VA.  Thanks to Kim and her family for fostering Harley and a huge thank you to Green Dogs Unleashed for making room for her.


Thanks to our supporters who continue to hold fundraisers for Deaf Dogs Rock and for all of you who donate in memory of your deaf dog. If you have a deaf boxer you would like to make a ‘in honor’ or ‘memorial’ donation through Nitro’s Fund you can click here and be sure to send me your story so when we sponsor the next deaf boxer dog we can share your story of your memorial sponsorship. Email me at