Nitro’s Story

This is the story of the little white deaf boxer puppy who was dumped at a river in Salem, VA. This story not only has a happy ending but because of Nitro many more deaf dogs throughout our country have happy endings just like Nitro. You see Nitro is the inspiration and CED (Chief Executive Dog) at Because of this National website, deaf dogs all over America are finding loving forever homes. Here is the story of Nitro:


As you can see from the photo above, deaf boxer puppy Nitro was emaciated when he was found. This photo was taken 2 weeks after he had been discovered at the river.

 Nitro’s Story by Christina Lee – Founder of

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From Left to Right: Chris Lee with their new rescue deaf boxer Bud, Christina Lee, and Nitro
photo by Mobile Photo Photographic Arts


My name is Christina Lee and this is the story of my deaf dog Nitro. He was found down by the river on Front Street in Salem Virginia in November 2010 by a City of Salem Animal Control officer. He was taken to the City of Salem Animal Shelter where they discovered this 10 week old pup was completely deaf. I go by the Salem Animal Shelter often to take photos of the pups up for adoption to list them on Facebook and when I spoke to my friend Rebecca Custer (she is the City of Salem Salem Animal Shelter Director) and told her I was coming by to take some photos that week she said she had something she wanted to show me. I was thinking she must have a new litter of puppies she wants me to photograph but no, she had a different kind of surprise in mind. When I got to the shelter that cold winter’s day in November, she showed me a very thin little white boxer that was 100% deaf. She asked me if there is any way my husband Chris and I could adopt this dog.