Sweet deaf boxer Boomer’s caregiver passed away and we received several urgent message from our deaf dog advocates in Katy, Texas where Boomer was located. Deaf Dogs Rock put out a rescue sponsorship offer for Boomer and we are delighted to hear that the Austin Boxer Rescue took Boomer into rescue. Boomer will be sponsored in honor of our deaf boxer Nitro who passed away last November. Nitro would have adored Boomer and I am sure they would have become best buddies. Thanks to Austin Boxer Rescue who took the time to go get Boomer from Katy, Texas and take  him to their rescue where he will go into foster care, get any vetting he needs and find a new loving forever home.

Photos above is Boomer in his previous home before his mama passed away.

Photo above: sent to Deaf Dogs Rock by Austin Boxer Rescue showing Boomer on his Freedom ride into rescue. 

Boomer’s new name is Touchdown.