Sharing our passion for the love and care of deaf dogs.
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Considering a deaf dog?

Deaf dogs make amazing pets.  They are not harder to train, just different.  In fact, raising a deaf dog will make you a far better dog owner. Apprehension is fine, help set it aside by reading the following:

Know a deaf dog in need?

One of the main focuses of Deaf Dogs Rock is to help find homes for deaf dogs in need.  If you know of one, please contact us immediately so we can get the dog listed and help spread the word.

Have a  success story?

Happy Tails is where we share success stories about deaf dogs.  Brighten your day by reading a few!  If you have a success story to share we’d love to feature you here, please contact us for information.

News and Updates

  • Deaf Dogs Rock Sponsors Frank Sinatra
    Deaf Dogs Rock Sponsors Frank Sinatra
    I received and email about a deaf pit bull that was recently about to be put to sleep but an organization in Texas called Texas Little Cuties Rescue pulled him just in the nick of time. They reported he came alive once he was taken outside into the sunshine and saw the grass so they decided to save him. They also mentioned Frank’s teeth had been filed down and he had a swollen leg (maybe from a snake bite). Once...
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  • Reina - TX
    Reina – TX
    Meet our beautiful sweet Deaf Dogs Rock Star of The Day Reina. Reina is one of our Deaf Dogs Rock sponsored dogs so please share her with all your friends so she can find a loving forever home. She is a very special girl and she deserves a very special home and family of her own. A family who will love her unconditionally and not look at her as a “inconvenience”. Reina is in rescue in Killeen, TX. Reina is a...
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  • Apache Earns Flyball Titles
    Apache Earns Flyball Titles
    We love, love, love to received deaf dog competition stories! This next story was sent in by Kathy Walton. Apache went from breeder to owner to shelter to rescue to adopter back to rescue and a couple of fosters when someone posted her to my Facebook page saying she was urgent for a foster with herding and deaf dog skills. Something really tugged at me about this 7 month old pup that wasnt able to fit in anywhere. She was...
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  • Meet Mel Deaf Delta Therapy Dog
    Meet Mel Deaf Delta Therapy Dog
    Mel is a beautiful deaf white Aussie. Mel works as a therapy dog at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital through Delta Society’s Pet Partner program. She visits children of all ages in the oncology unit and at the day hospital. sometimes visits expectant mothers in the ante partum unit as well. Mel is invited into each of the patients’ rooms individually and is even allowed on the bed! She’s a natural at making everyone smile. Sometimes she’s active and will solicit...
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Help With Training

Support Deaf Dogs Rock

Deaf Dogs Rock is an approved 501(c)(3) public charity. If you’d like to help support the work we do, please use the button above. Please click here to see our donations page for more detail. Thank You.



Training Tips

  • Positive Reinforcement Deaf Dog Training ROCKS
    Positive Reinforcement Deaf Dog Training ROCKS
    I would like to welcome Lara Joseph K-9 trainer from The Animal Behavior Center in Sylvania. Ohio who has just celebrated her deaf Bulldog Levi’s one year Dogiversary!  Lara brings her training tips and information to us from what she has...
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  • Teach Your Deaf Dog the "Watch Me" Command
    Teach Your Deaf Dog the “Watch Me” Command
    One of the most important commands you can teach your deaf dog or hearing dog is the “watch me” command. It is one of the first commands your deaf dog should learn from you when you start his/her training program. If...
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  • Potty Training
    Potty Training
    I get so many emails like the following concerning potty training: “We have been try to potty train our deaf dog and as soon as he comes back in the house he pees everywhere! Even when we leave him outside for...
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Success Stories – Happy Tails for Deaf Dogs

  • Meet Radcliff
    Meet Radcliff
    Radcliff is my deaf three year-old Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd mix. I was checking the local humane society website regularly, his photo was on the site for almost three weeks. CHS’s description indicated that he was deaf, approximately 3 months old and...
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  • Reggie's Story
    Reggie’s Story
    Update 5-25-2015: Reggie and his family are Rescue Warriors and just taking a look at Reggie The Deaf Pit Bull FB page you will see they spend much of their time advocating and rescuing dogs in their area. If you get...
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  • Laila's Happy Tail
    Laila’s Happy Tail
    Laila is the best dog we ever had! She is the most amazing pup! We still call her puppy even though she is going on 4 years old. When we purchased her from the breeder we had no idea the issues...
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