Sharing our passion for the love and care of deaf dogs.
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Considering a deaf dog?

Deaf dogs make amazing pets.  They are not harder to train, just different.  In fact, raising a deaf dog will make you a far better dog owner. Apprehension is fine, help set it aside by reading the following:

Know a deaf dog in need?

One of the main focuses of Deaf Dogs Rock is to help find homes for deaf dogs in need.  If you know of one, please contact us immediately so we can get the dog listed and help spread the word.

Have a  success story?

Happy Tails is where we share success stories about deaf dogs.  Brighten your day by reading a few!  If you have a success story to share we’d love to feature you here, please contact us for information.

News and Updates

  • Raynor gets Rescued!
    Raynor gets Rescued!
    Raynor finally got RESCUED! We have been in contact with a wonderful couple named Lisa and Andrew. They have been taking care of a deaf white boxer in a home...
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  • Blue - VA
    Blue – VA
    Meet our Deaf Dogs Rock Star of The Day Blue! He is located in Amherst, Virginia. Blue came in as a stray, he had a puppy friend at the shelter that...
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  • Deaf Dogs Rock Helps Dublin
    Deaf Dogs Rock Helps Dublin
    A little over a week ago I received another late night email about a deaf boxer puppy who needed help. Since I am a huge SUCKER for deaf white boxer’s...
    Read more
  • Fun at Deaf Dogs Rock - Redirection
    Fun at Deaf Dogs Rock – Redirection
    By Christina Lee – Lately Chris, Bud, Nitro and I have been having so much fun inviting new deaf dog families to our Deaf Dogs Rock headquarters for “play...
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