Sharing our passion for the love and care of deaf dogs.
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Considering a deaf dog?

Deaf dogs make amazing pets.  They are not harder to train, just different.  In fact, raising a deaf dog will make you a far better dog owner. Apprehension is fine, help set it aside by reading the following:

Know a deaf dog in need?

One of the main focuses of Deaf Dogs Rock is to help find homes for deaf dogs in need.  If you know of one, please contact us immediately so we can get the dog listed and help spread the word.

Have a  success story?

Happy Tails is where we share success stories about deaf dogs.  Brighten your day by reading a few!  If you have a success story to share we’d love to feature you here, please contact us for information.

News and Updates

  • Vas - CA
    Vas – CA
    Meet our adorable Deaf Dogs Rock Star of The Day Vas! He is located in Pasadena CA. Vas is a beautiful little male deaf dog who is a smooth fox terrier. Vas’ deafness was only recently diagnosed but it does not slow him down one bit. He is tremendously keen to watch. Vas makes observations of other dogs by watching their body language and naturally adapts to their behavior. He likes humans to be near him and he enjoys a...
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  • Deaf Dogs Rock Named 2015 "Best Cause Blog" In Nashville
    Deaf Dogs Rock Named 2015 “Best Cause Blog” In Nashville
    Nashville TN – Deaf Dogs Rock a non-profit organization who advocates, sponsors, transports, and brings awareness on the issues of deaf dogs all over the world has been awarded the coveted BlogPaws Social Media Nose to Nose Award for Best Cause Blog  for 2015 (Presented by Pedigree).  According to the BlogPaws Team, the Best Cause Blog for or about pets: Judged on purpose, effectiveness, achievement, and engagement. We are looking for passion and persistence. Achievement may be how much money was raised...
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  • Fourth of July Safety Tips for Dogs
    Fourth of July Safety Tips for Dogs
    Some great tips from our friends at Since so many of our readers have hearing dogs and deaf dogs I wanted to share these great Summer Safety Tips from for the 4th of July. 1. Be sure your dog is wearing and up-to-date visible ID tag on his/her collar and make sure you get your dog micro-chipped. 2. Take a current photo of your dog, just in case he gets loose. 3. Exercise your dog early in the...
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  • Deaf Dogs Rock Sponsors Bonded Pair into Rescue
    Deaf Dogs Rock Sponsors Bonded Pair into Rescue
    I had several people in our rescue network send me urgent pleas to get a bonded pair of boxers rescued. Rocko (hearing) and Jasmine (deaf) needed a rescue and needed one fast. Most of the Boxer Rescues on the East coast are over flowing so I reached out to Darren Alick with Across America Boxer Rescue (in Burnsville MN) and let him know Deaf Dogs Rock would sponsor both boxers into AABR if they had room. Darren Alick with AABR...
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Help With Training

Support Deaf Dogs Rock

Deaf Dogs Rock is an approved 501(c)(3) public charity. If you’d like to help support the work we do, please use the button above. Please click here to see our donations page for more detail. Thank You.



Training Tips

  • Beginning Sign Training
    Beginning Sign Training
    Lately I’ve been getting so many questions on our Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook page asking about how to tell or train a deaf puppy “no”, “sit” or “laydown”. The video below shot by Alisha McGraw pretty much covers many of the...
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  • Bite Inhibition and Leave It Training
    Bite Inhibition and Leave It Training
    Lately I have been getting a lot of emails and messages concerning deaf dogs playing rough with the other dogs in the home. I also get messages coming from new deaf dog owners stating that their new dog seems to bite...
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  • Does Your Dog Know the "Wait" Command?
    Does Your Dog Know the “Wait” Command?
    Why is it so important to teach your deaf and hearing dogs the “wait” command? Because a dog knowing the “wait” command can keep your dog from dashing out the door, jumping out of the car when you least expect it,...
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Success Stories – Happy Tails for Deaf Dogs

  • Merlin's Happy Tail
    Merlin’s Happy Tail
    This is Merlin’s Happy Tail told by Merlin’s human mom Katie Rannou. To say that Merlin has changed our lives would be a total understatement; he has completely blown our minds every day since February 2012, when he became a part of...
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  • Dude Rocks!
    Dude Rocks!
    This is Dude’s Happy Tail sent in by Dude’s daddy Brandon T. Graham. I have a white boxer that is 5 months old and he is deaf. Here is some information about my dude.   1. My name is Baylor Dude...
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  • Chance's Happy Tail
    Chance’s Happy Tail
    Chance’s Welcome Home Story ~Vicky & Jeff Darnell We have been bursting at the seams waiting to share this exciting news!! The adoption papers were signed June 19th “The only way another dog is coming into this house is if he...
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