Meet adoptable deaf Aussie doodle puppy Echo who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him, continue his daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment and always keep him safe.

From his rescue advocate: Echo is going through obedience training until he has his eye appointment to ensure we have completed his care. His vision is covered with the rescue of anything changes in his future.
Right now he knows the sign cues for “sit”, “stop”, “quiet”, “no”, “come here” and “circle or turn around”.

Echo is learning to sit down when people approach him. He loves everyone he meet and he adores other animals. Echo is crate trained, potty trained while kenneled and we are working on his house training.

Echo also gets groomed weekly and he loves his bath time. He needs a person who is committed to his weekly grooming sessions. You must live in a home with a secure fenced in yard to be considered for adopting Echo (no exceptions and no electric fences).  If you are interested in adopting Echo and feel you can commit to his training, loving him and keeping him safe, please reach out to:

Subject Echo
Applications are on the website