Koda is a 5 year old red heeler that absolutely loves to run and play. Koda is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish  him and always keep him safe.

Koda will fetch and play tug o war all day! He loves rawhides and toys and loves to throw them up for himself to jump and catch. He LOVES water! He loves to run around and do zoomies and jump up on the furniture to be with you.

Koda is a great dog for someone who can be active with him and challenge him. He is so intelligent! He was evaluated with a trainer and was deemed easily trainable but we couldn’t afford it.

He can get anxious and overly stimulated but with the right structure would do well.

He is incredibly dog selective so it’s best to just say he needs to be an only dog.

He has been gentle with children in small doses but due to his jumping and heeler mouthiness I would just be very cautious. We have not given him much opportunity to be around children.

He will watch cats but has not gone after them at all.

We know we are not the best fit for him activity level wise, discipline wise, and we are a multiple dog home. He doesn’t get the time or attention he needs because we have to rotate and it’s not fair to him. We just want him to find the happiest home possible that can help him be the best version of himself.

If you are interested in adopting Koda (it helps if you have Cattle dog experience) and can meet him in person, contact Cymri to find out more about the adoption process at Cymrirhight@gmail.com