From Christina: I have been sending out the following information in emails and private messages to new deaf dog families since 2010 so I thought I would share it with all of you.  Please consider sharing this link with anyone you know who has a deaf dog or has just adopted a deaf puppy. Also, if you know of a shelter who has a deaf dog, be sure to send this link to them so they will understand a deaf dog is not that much different than a hearing dog. We do not consider deaf dogs disabled or their lack of hearing a weakness. Many deaf dogs go on to be therapy dogs and some even work in correctional facilities because their lack of hearing is a strength as they are not anxious from the loud noise like a hearing dog would be.

I also did a video to go along with this post. I hope this information helps you in your journey to help your deaf dog become the best dog he can be. You and your deaf dog are a team and it is your job to be your deaf dog’s advocate.

Happy training! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

What Every Deaf Dogs Family Needs To Know by Christina Lee – Founder of

The very first thing to consider in regards to your deaf dog or puppy is that your deaf pup is: A dog first, breed second, and  deaf third. We only promote and use positive reinforcement (+R) clicker training methods to give each deaf dog an opportunity to make the right choice and support that choice by marking the choice with a marker, followed by treating the dog with a high value reward. Positive reinforcement training is basically the same with a deaf dog as it is training a hearing dog  (with the exception of using visual commands and markers verses verbal commands and the should of a clicker).

Many new deaf dog families feel they must find a dog trainer who