Dozer – Chelsea’s Hope Boxer Rescue 

One of the reasons we created Nitro’s Fund was so that we could help deaf boxers who were in need of rescue sponsorship to help the rescue who pulls them with the vetting so each deaf boxer will be up to date on vaccines and spay/neutered before the deaf boxer goes to a new home.

When are friend Andrea reached out to us from the Humane Society of Amherst Co that she had two boxers surrendered and she was looking for a rescue or rescues to help with each boxer. We put out rescue pleas far and wide and Andrea let us know that Chelsea’s Boxer Rescue made room for deaf boxer Dozer while the other female boxer went to another rescue. Dozer’s sponsorship will be made available by Nitro’s Fund which is set up to help deaf boxers in need or rescue sponsorship. If you wish to donate to Nitro’s Fund or learn more about Nitro’s Fund, please click on this link:

Thanks to Loretta and her rescue team at Chelsea’s Hope Boxer Rescue for making room for deaf boxer Dozer. We so appreciate your hard work and efforts.

Thanks to our friends Patricia and Vern Kerst who donated this month so that their donation could go directly to Dozer’s sponsorship to help the rescue with vetting before Dozer becomes available for adoption.