You’ve Decided to Adopt a Deaf Dog – Now What?

You’ve Decided to Adopt a Deaf Dog – Now What? 2017-03-20T20:00:01+00:00
Here is a recent photo of Alisha McGraw and her deaf and hearing dogs.

Here is a recent photo of Alisha McGraw and her deaf and hearing dogs.

The night before we went to pick up Nitro at the City of Salem Animal Shelter, I was desperately looking for any information regarding deaf dogs and training deaf dogs. When I got on the Internet that night I did two things, I researched Positive Reinforcement Clicker Training because I knew that was how I wanted to train my new deaf puppy in a positive way. I also looked up the local training facilities who offered group training lessons so my dog could go to classes, I would be learning along the way and at the same time going to a group class would also keep my new deaf dog socialized. The other thing I did was seek out sign command videos.

The next stop on the Internet was to check out videos of others training their deaf dogs with hand signals. The video I am sharing with you is by far my favorite and helped us get started. The video was done by Alisha McGraw and she did such a wonderful job (Alisha you totally Rock).  The other site I highly recommend is and to learn the American Sign Language signs for basic commands. With both of these ASL websites all you have to do is type in a specific word and then a 3 second video will show how to sign the word. You can also make up your own signs if you feel more comfortable with having your own language with your dog.

Other Helpful ASL Links

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ASL is a remarkably versatile language, and quite fun to learn. For more information on ASL, its structure, and how to learn it, please feel free to review the additional resources below. To learn more about American Sign Language, History and Deaf Culture please click here to go to 

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