Cooperative Crate Training with Fun Games

by Natalie Rogers with K9 Concepts Training Australia 

It is no secret that I am a BIG fan of crate training. Why? Almost every dog will spend at least some time in a crate at some point in their life be it at the vets, the groomers – wherever. It is really important that we prepare our dogs to ensure they have the skills to cope with this situation.

One of our mantras is “Train FOR the situation, not IN the situation” (thank you Absolute Dogs!) So how do we prepare our dogs for these situations and ensure they’re going to be relaxed and happy? GAMES!

We break this skill down into little pieces – building desire, building confidence, even learning to settle when the door closes. Yep we turn that into a game too!

If your dog’s relationship with their crate could do with a top up a peek take a look at our latest training video below.

Happy training! ~ Natalie