Meet adoptable deaf 5 year old Poppy who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and keep her safe. Because she can sometimes resource guard she needs to be the only pet and no small children.

From her caregiver mentions that she does resource guard. I adopted Poppy when she was about 4 months old. She is just in love with every human she meets. Although very wiggly, she is wonderful with kids. She loves to give lots of kisses and is a cuddling champion. She is deaf, but that doesn’t stop her from loving life. She is so funny and very smart. She has lots of energy but has no problem laying next to you on the couch. She has had professional training and with hand signals is very attentive and loves to learn. She is also very treat responsive. LOVES treats. She is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. In short, she is extremely lovable which is why this is so devastatingly heartbreaking. Unfortunately, she and her long time buddy just can’t get along anymore. She has been a dog that resource guards and despite my best efforts it has only worsened over the past few months. I believe that her and her buddy now have littermate syndrome and my only option is to separate them permanently. She really needs to be in a home where she is the only pet. Its very stressful for her to share her people with other animals, but she absolutely wants to please and adores being with people.

Note from Christina from DDR: Here at DDR we have a couple of dogs who do the same as far as resource guarding toys, chews and food, so there are no toys, chews or anything of value laying around. They get one on one supervised play time and they all get fed separately in their crates and we have one play crate set up for them where they each ask to go in it at different times.  If one dogs over corrects or starts a fight with another dog they get put into a designated time out area (not in the crate) for a couple of minutes so they are very careful not to over correct each other. When we see someone write it is stressful for a dog to share her people then this is when Nothing In Life is Free helps provide structure. We do Nothing In Life Is Free Training with all five of our dogs which helps provide structure and also they know what my expectations are. Also if a dog gets protective of one human he goes into time out or every time he/she crowds us we get up and walk away over and over again so they stop approaching all together.