The information I am sharing with you has nothing to do with “dominance” training or “the dominate Alpha-Wolf-Roll over” because I don’t believe in that kind of training. At Deaf Dogs Rock if you read our training tips on our training blog, you will see everything featured on our blog is about Positive Reinforcement Training. This information is basically to get deaf dog owners using consistent positive reinforcement training structured throughout the day until it becomes a habit. So with that being said, I am going to share with you the “Nothing Is For Free” training recommended by the the Humane Society.

Since I get so many emails asking about dogs attacking each other or acting out when one dog gets closer to their human then the other dog (then a squabbles breaks out), I wanted to share with all of you Rockers what we do here at Deaf Dogs Rock Headquarters. I am not a professional trainer although I have been training my dogs with some of the best Positive Reinforcement trainers in our region. What I have learned over the many years of living with and training my deaf and hearing dogs is they don’t care who the leader of the pack is  what they thrive on is figuring out how to get what they want even if that means they have to work for what they want. My dogs thrive on structure. I think it is important to be a confident handler with my dogs so there is never a question to them on how to live a happy life with little or no conflict.