As of last month (August 17),  Deaf Dogs Rock has sponsored 109 deaf dogs out of harms way and into partner rescues. In September, Deaf Dogs Rock  sponsored another 12 deaf shelter dogs into rescue and had one medical sponsorship for a deaf dog locally to be neutered.

Many of the reasons to support our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy and Rescue Sponsorship program is because our programs give deaf puppies and deaf shelter dogs the best chance at being set up for success to become wonderful companion animals, family pets, therapy dogs, and in some cases Emotional Support dogs. When you donate to Deaf Dogs Rock, all proceeds raised go towards sponsoring deaf puppies and high risk deaf shelter dogs into our partner rescues where each deaf dog goes into a very experienced foster home to learn the basics, be properly evaluated and to screen potential homes so each deaf dog has the best chance at a happy and healthy new life.

What happens once each rescue dog is pulled from a high kill shelter? 

After each deaf dog is pulled, transported to safety and is settled into their new foster home (and getting used to a structured routine), they are crate trained, potty trained, start their ASL sign command training and also are taken out into the public to be socialized in all kinds of environments. Because of the donations we received from our generous supporters so far this year, Deaf Dogs Rock has sponsored 122 deaf dogs/puppies into rescue so each deaf canine can start on their new journey to receive a strong training foundation and find a loving family.

Thank you so much for continued support to our Deaf Dogs Rock mission to help one deaf dog at a time and also to bring awareness to the world to how much deaf dogs rock. If you want to help us continue to sponsor deaf dogs into the safe harbors of rescue, please click here to learn how you can help.

~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

Poet’s Vision Rescue in Perth Ontario

Poet’s Vision Rescue in Perth Ontario was in need of a sponsorship to rescue a beautiful deaf dog and bring the dog into their rescue.



A big shout out and thank you to Green Dogs Unleashed for taking Blaze into their rescue and training program. Blaze will get the training he needs to become a good canine citizen and find a happy/healthy home.

Blue – Angels of Assisi

Deaf Dog Blue needed to be neutered and have a mast cell checked for Cancer so when Angels of Assisi Rescue reached out to Deaf Dogs Rock to see if we could help the family because they did not have the funds for the vetting we agreed to sponsor Blue’s medical especially since Angels of Assisi has taken in so many deaf dogs for us in the past.

Piglet – iRescue

Little Piglet won the rescue lottery and got saved by iRescue and is now in foster care learning basic training and socialization. Because of your support, puppies like Piglet have a chance to thrive.

Apollo Support and Rescue 

So many shelter dogs needed rescue sponsorships in September. Deaf Dogs Rock sponsored deaf dog Arnold Palmer (red heeler), deaf dog Melody, deaf dog Snow and deaf dog Elle Woods. The rescue sponsorship dollars we donate to rescue will help out Apollo Support and Rescue continue to rescue deaf dogs. It is because of our generous Deaf Dogs Rock supporters, DDR can sponsor deaf dogs so they can all be spay/neutered /vetted to become available for adoption faster which in the long run will help the rescue to take in more deaf dogs who need help. You can look at some of our sponsored deaf dog available for adoption by clicking here.



Tilly – iRescue 

We received an urgent message from a shelter in Texas who had deaf dog Tilly. Thanks to iRescue for stepping up and getting Tilly out of the pound and into rescue as well as helping deaf/blind puppy Bopper. It is because of our awesome supporters here at Deaf Dogs Rock we can sponsor urgent puppies who need rescue out of kill shelters into the safe harbors of rescues like iRescue in Texas.




Booper is being transported to Green Dogs Unleashed Rescue for training. Booper has been vetted in Texas and is being transferred from iRescue.




We had several urgent requests for deaf dogs after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. Jolie was rescued out of Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit and was sponsored into our partner rescue Green Dogs Unleashed in Troy, VA.


Thanks to Red Hook Rescue for pulling Blanco to the safe harbor of their rescue in Brooklyn. Deaf Dogs Rock sent Red Hook a Rocker Puppy sponsorship for Blanco so he can be neutered before he goes up for adoption.



Thanks to Trisha at Perfect Imperfections Rescue for pulling Briggs to safety. We were happy to send some sponsorship money for Briggs to be vetted and neutered. Briggs is currently on his way to CT.