National Specially-Abled Pets Day is May 3

Today May 3, 2018  is National Specially-Abled Day. Annually this day is to bring awareness and education to the public on how wonderful living with a specially-abled pet can be. Some pets are blind, some are deaf, some only have three legs, some are older and need a wheel chair to run and have fun.

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In our Deaf Dogs Rock Community we all know that our deaf dogs are not only specially-abled, but they have deaf dog super powers that others don’t see or recognize. My deaf dog Cornell can smell “stranger danger” much faster than my hearing dogs can hear someone approaching our house. My deaf dog Nitro can feel the vibration of the trash truck way before my hearing dogs can see or hear the trash truck. Our Deaf Dogs have such super powers that we have The Top 10 Reasons Why Deaf Dogs Rock.

Photo above: Christina with Super Deaf Dogs Nitro

This is a great day to embrace and consider adopting a specially-abled dog or cat that might not otherwise get adopted. I can tell you a few yeas ago when I adopted my senior mostly blind Chihuahua Pepe (who lived his entire 8 years in a crate before I adopted him), it was a challenge to get him potty trained and also gain his trust just so I could walk up to him and pick him up (verses him running and hiding from me). Today he is my six pounds of pure joy and he follows me everywhere I go.

Now we currently have 4 senior dogs (2 are deaf, one is blind). My deaf dog Nitro has issues with his back end/legs because he was bitten by a deer tick two years ago that caused him to go paralyzed for over a month in his rear legs. It took a lot of work to get him walking again. Still today he still drags his back left leg, has been in water therapy, he gets acupuncture every few weeks, chiropractic adjustments and he has to wear a Ruffware boot on his left leg where there is neurological damage. He is weak in the back end and two years later we are still doing physical therapy to keep his rear left leg strong.

Our friends at Dognation recently sent us some Specially-Abled signs for Nitro to let people know he can’t walk to far and also to let people know he is a special needs pet. If you have a specially-able dog who happens to be a tri-pod, have arthritis, hip displasia or any other physical challenges, you can check out these awesome products  by clicking on Shop Dognation here. 


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Be sure to share your deaf dogs and special needs dogs on Social Media with the hashtags #SpeciallyAbledPetsDay #DeafDogsRock