Our Deaf Dogs Rock community truly believes our deaf dogs have natural super powers because of their heightened senses, lack of hearing, and their the unbreakable bond/trust they have with their handlers (their human BFFs). With these special superpowers comes our list of the Top Ten Reasons Why Deaf Dogs Rock.

I get asked this question all the time why I think deaf dogs rock. Once of my answers is always because I love how much they love each other. I live with four deaf dogs, one unilaterally deaf dog and one  hearing Chihuahus and they all adore each other. They watch each other’s body language and cues all the time and play their silly games. When it is meal time, if one deaf dog is awake and the others are sleeping, the one deaf dog races around the room to touch the other deaf dogs to let them know it is meal time. Our Deaf Dogs Rock community calls their deaf dogs “velcro dogs” because they not only stick to their humans like a second shadow, but they also attach themselves to the other dogs in the family. I have four dog shadows who follow me around the house. I can tell you without a doubt I have given up all hopes of ever having any kind of privacy in my life but know I will never be lonely.

A perfect example of how much my deaf dogs love each other is in the photo below called the “Three of Hearts”.

I hope you enjoy our list of 10 Reasons Why Deaf Dogs Rock.

~ Christina, Bud, Axl Blu, Bowie, Marshall Tucker, Ringo Star and Tallulah Jane.

“The Three of Hearts” 

In this photo Bud and Nitro’s love shapes a perfect heart around deaf puppy Bowie.

Below are the Top 10 Reasons Why Deaf Dogs Rock put together with the help of our Deaf Dogs Rock FB community

***** Not all of these may apply to your deaf dog so you can pick and choose the reason’s that apply to your dog! ****

Top 10 Reasons Why Deaf Dogs Rock 

10. Deaf Dogs Rock because they are not afraid of thunderstorms or neighbors shooting their guns while doing target practice.

9. Deaf Dogs Rock because they excel in therapy dog work, emotional support dog work, and service dog assistance because they don’t have a fear or anxiety that usually comes with loud noises like hearing dogs do.

8. Deaf Dogs Rock because they don’t chase the vacuum cleaner but instead enjoy the vibration of that comes from the suction of the device (with exception of some deaf dog like Bowie who like to attack the device).

Photo above: provided by Victoria Delgado and Elizabeth Morris Spahr

7. Deaf Dogs Rock because you can sneak into the kitchen for a late night snack, open a bag of potato chips and your deaf dog doesn’t wake up.

6. Deaf Dogs Rock because they can smell an intruder (and feel the vibration of a car coming from a distance) way before your hearing dogs can see an intruder.


5. Deaf Dogs Rock because you can do a big construction project in your home and they never hear the nail gun, hammer or saw!

4. Deaf Dogs Rock because you can take a deaf dog to big events like pet expos and they can’t hear all the other dogs barking.

3. Deaf Dogs Rock because you can play rock/country/hip hop/rap music or sing in your car, at home, or in the shower as loud as you want and your deaf dog can’t hear you.

2. Deaf Dogs Rock because they are the ultimate Velcro dog – no matter where you are located in your house you will always have a second shadow following you around from room to room.

1. The number one reason Deaf Dogs Rock is because “Deaf Dogs hear with their hearts.”

Bowie is my sunshine and he hears everything I say to him with his heart! 



If your interested in adopting a deaf dog, please check out the adoptable deaf dogs section on our website by clicking here.