This is Zoey’s Happy Tail written by Gabriela Sink

My husband and I have always had cats. Cats are cool but I, myself have always been a dog person. Living in an apartment and having a dog was not realistic to us so I waited patiently. In mid 2013, my husband and I purchased our first home. I honestly didn’t even ask my husband for a dog. I just started looking on my own. My sister would look on Craigslist while I was at work and would send me several ads until she ran across Zoey’s ad one day and sent it to me. The ad read: “For sale, last of the litter, 7 week old Australian Shepherd /Great Pyrenees mix. $40.”

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I said okay, lets go get her! My Mom and and sister went and picked her up in the outskirts of Dallas since that’s where they live. As soon as they picked Zoey up they brought her to Houston to me on day number two in our new home.

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Zoey was a little ball of fur. Tiny little baby Aussie with the cutest face in the world. I was in love at first site! My sister and mom told me that they thought she was deaf. They were both trying to talk me out of keeping her because they said I would never have time for her. After several tests we realized she was indeed deaf. I told my family I was keeping her because I would make time for her. With my husband’s blessing, little Zoey girl stayed with us in her new home.

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Zoey surprised me with how smart she was at such a young age. She literally potty trained quicker than any dog I have ever owned. I considered having someone train her but then I decided I would be the one to work with her so that we could understand each other in our own little way. Zoey is completely crate trained and does so good going into her crate to go to sleep on her own. She loves her crate and she never barks at night.  Zoey is my shadow in the house but when she goes outside she runs around like a wild child chasing the squirrels in the yard.  Everywhere I go, she follows. She is my perfect little “velcro” dog. Zoey just turned 6 months old recently.

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Zoey is a such a heart felt joy. She gives me the best kisses and greetings when I come home from work. I bend down to hug her and she hikes up her hind legs so I will reach down and pick her up. Since she is hitting about 40 lbs now, I don’t know how much longer I will be able to pick her up and hold her in my arms. When I look into Zoey’s face, she always looks like she is smiling at me. Sometimes I will look down at my feet and talk to her and she will tilt her head as if she is trying to understand what my lips are saying.  I may be crazy but I  still talk to her all the time. I call her my sweet HoneyBeeunnamed (45)


Zoey is my baby girl and I look forward to going home from work just so I can see her beautiful face and spirit. I honestly think our home would be boring without her and I can’t picture us without her. She brightens up our days and nights. I thank God everyday single day that she found us and we found her.