This is Zippy and Britches Happy Tail submitted by Haven H. Sibley.


Meet my girls Zippy and Britches. This is their “Deaf Dogs Happy Tail”. My girls, Zippy (patch of color on eye and side) and Britches, had a rough start in life. While looking for Lily, the cat, who had gotten out of the house, my husband happened upon puppies that somebody had abandoned. When we went back to get them we discovered that there were four puppies barely alive, one dead pup and the mother was also dead. We took the four pups home.



All of the pups were all covered in mange, had very little hair left, had wrinkled skin from malnourishment. The poor pups could barely stand from being so weakened from starving. We called our vet (Union Vet Clinic in Farmerville, LA) to get initial instructions for care until we could take them in on Monday for a thorough check. We took them in on Monday and that’s when she informed us that the two white pups were either deaf, blind, or both.


My husband and I worked with them at home and found that they were both deaf. Our wonderful vet treated the pups for free until they were healthy. Once they were healthy we found homes for two of the puppies We kept the the two deaf pups because I knew a shelter would probably euthanize them. We determined that they were part pit bull and part catahoula cur and were probably bred to be hog dogs.

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We’ve had our ups and downs with the dogs, especially when they were trying to declare which one was the dominant sister but today, nearly five years later I have two beautiful white dogs that love attention and want as much love as they can get. Although they grew to be 65 lbs each, they stay in the house. They know hand signals and are very well behaved in that they do not jump up on people, very rarely bark in the house, stay off the furniture, and were easy to house train.

Note from Christina Lee of Deaf Dogs Rock: A big shout out and thank you to Haven and her husband for saving all the puppies but especially for adopting TWO deaf puppies. They have turned out to be absolutely beautiful! According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, Zippy and Britches totally ROCK!