We rescued Ziggy back in April of 2020. We had already had our female mixed breed dog Millie when we adopted Ziggy. We took our time integrating them and gave ample amount for decompression. They mostly got along, however, there have been certain moments between them and we have decided with the advice from a deaf dog trainer that it’s best we re-home Ziggy. It has been stressful on my senior dog and she has not been adjusting well. We just are looking out for the safety of Millie and Ziggy and have decided it is what is best for both dogs.

Ziggy is white with brown spots and has one blue eye and one brown eye. He has very cute ears, one will stand up and one will flop down. He won most interesting ears at his shelter’s alumni festival. Ziggy’s back leg was broken at some point when he was a puppy and never received proper medical care, so it did not heal properly. He has gotten two xrays and has shown there is nothing wrong, it is just a little shorter than the rest. He never seems in pain, as he could laps in our yard all day.

Ziggy is a very playful, energetic dog who is treat motivated. He knows hand signals for sit, down, good job and stay. He is potty trained, crate trained and LOVES people. He loves doing zoomies and spinning in circles when he’s excited. He also loves to say hello to anyone and everyone who walks by! At the end of the day, he will just curl up on your lap. He loves to go for walks and play in the yard as well.

Ziggy has also lived with our cat and is very playful, yet gentle with him. He could benefit from more training due to his high energy levels, but is overall a great dog. I am really looking for a loving, active household who is willing to give Ziggy a chance as he is such a good dog. It breaks my heart to re-home him and never saw myself in this position. Ziggy deserves the best care out there, so if you or anyone you know is interested in meeting Ziggy please reach out!

Ziggy’s adoption fee is $150 to an approved home and you must live within 4  hours drive time of Cleveland Ohio so you can meet him in person. If you are interested in adoption, please contact Haley for her to send you an adoption application to fill out to be considered.