Meet our Deaf Dogs Rock Star of The Day adoptable deaf, 2 year old Great Dane Zero who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her caregivers: Zero was placed with us after her owner died unexpectedly. We are told she is around 2 years old and came from a local Great Dane breeder. She’s kind of what I call a “sport mode” Dane…so a little smaller and more energetic . She loves to play, squeak, throw, and chase her toys even though she can’t hear them squeak! She hates to have her paws in wet grass and prefers pea gravel to pee and poop on. We have worked on her startle reaction and it’s gotten much better! She can also sit when given the command. She loves cuddles.

We have a 4, 14, and 16 year old in the house and she’s great with them. Our 4 year old is educated on staying away from dogs around food, bones, etc though. We have had her play with other dogs and have had no issues! Her preferable home would be one where someone is home with her most of the time otherwise she may need to be crated a lot until she’s older.

She’s currently on Apoquel for allergies and pork and butternut squash food. We also wipe her mouth with medicated wipes for acne. We had some allergy tests done and she appears to be allergic to chicken, salmon, and pretty much all grains! She loves the marshmallows we give her the Apoquel in though.  We are looking for someone to adopt her that is familiar with large breeds and/or deaf dogs that wants to put in some time training this super sweet, goofy loving dog!