Update 12/16/19 – Zeppo has been adopted!!

Hi my name is Zeppo! I’m an adoptable deaf 6-month old mini Australian Shepherd male looking for a loving forever home.  I am considered to be a Double Merle, which means my mother and father both carried the merle gene (color pattern).  When two merle dogs breed, this can cause vision or hearing issues.  As a result, I am deaf.

I’m a really sweet and very smart young guy.  I just want to be loved.  I like being wherever my foster Mom is.  I don’t care much about balls or Frisbees.  Instead, I would rather cuddle with you on the couch.  I do like the occasional stuffed toys that I can destroy…..I am still a puppy, ya know.  I enjoy playing with my foster sisters. The red one likes to wrestle and the blue merle likes to play chase in our yard.

I am deaf so my foster Mom is teaching me hand signals, which is something my forever home will want to continue so they can “talk” to me.   I know what “good boy” and “watch me” mean. I am working on:  sit, lay down and come here. Whenever she wants me to go somewhere, she points to me. I guess pointing is ok for some things. I personally like to see the sign for “eat” the most!

Since I’m still a puppy, I am learning the whole house training and crate thing. My new family will want to continue this training with me.  I get a treats when I go in my crate and prefer to eat my dinner in my crate.  I am very curious about cats.  I just don’t know what to do with them. They look at me weird and they smell funny.

I’m good with other dogs and I ride well in a vehicle.  My forever home should have a visible fence and no children under age 10.  I am up-to-date on all my vaccinations, micro-chipped and I am neutered. I will require monthly preventatives for heart-worms, fleas and ticks.  If you’d like to meet me, you can submit an application here:  https://www.speakstlouis.com/forms/adoption-application/