Meet adoptable, 2 year old, deaf dog Zeke who needs to be in a home where there are no small dogs or cats.


From his caregiver: This is Zeke he has been our dog for 2 years. We adopted him when he was 3 months old. It was discovered after adoption he was deaf. Zeke is very loving, he is a cuddler and he is a loyal, loving family member. He is about 75 pounds of pure muscle. He likes being active, loves chasing  tennis balls and to he loves to run and do zoomies.

Zeke has never been aggressive with people or big dogs. He has been aggressive with our small Pomeranian and they have been in some serious altercations so in order to keep the 13 year old Pomeranian safe, we need to find Zeke a loving forever home.  We cannot have him with our 13 year old Pom anymore.

Zeke is house trained, crate trained, good with children, knows general sign cues. He is a total sweetheart and he would love to live with someone who will cherish him, make him a member of the family, do fun things with him and he would love to live in a home with a fenced in yard to keep him safe.