Xena’s CGC story was written by Xena’s human Angela Tiltman

This is my deaf dog Xena, our beautiful Princess Warrior. Xena was rescued from the streets of a small town near Cape Town, South Africa called Malmesbury.  She was estimated to be just over a year old. The poor young girl Xena had clearly just had puppies and was treated at a vet for both biliary and a bad ear infection. It was then discovered and confirmed that she was also deaf. Xena being a Pitbull Cross was advertised on Facebook as needing a forever home, and my husband and I were so taken with her story, that we immediately decided to adopt her. She brings us so much joy.

Photo above: Angela and Xena proudly show off their CGC Gold Award 

Xena and I enrolled in dog obedience training with local trainer, Jan Meyer. Xena had lots of feisty energy and pulled me off my feet a few times, but I was determined to train her, knowing that this would allow her to have more freedom in a safe environment. Armed with a pocket full of high value treats, Xena soon mastered a few basic signs cues and training became fun, something she looked forward to, and she was eager to please and learn.

Thereafter Xena made swift progress, passing her KUSA Bronze Test, then Silver and finally her Gold. I am so proud of how far she has come!

Photo above: Xena with all her KUSA certificates and award rosettes

Xena has a gentle, loveable nature and is always ready to please. She is a fine example to anyone doubting owning a Pitbull Cross and especially to people that might be hesitant to raise and train a deaf dog. She holds her own with the other dogs in her class and I would not change her for the world!

Photo above: Xena takes a treat from my mouth and she is always so gentle.