Meet adoptable 2 year old Catahoula Leopard Dog Wynonna who is looking for a loving forever  home with someone who will cherish her, be her new BFF and always keep her safe.

From the shelter: Wynonna is a stunning, medium-sized Catahoula Leopard Dog mix that is about two-years-old. She was rescued by the Santa Rosa-based shelter Compassion Without Borders from an individual with too many dogs who was unable to give her the care / attention she needed. Little is known about Wynonna’s early life, but we have found her to be sweet, affectionate and very comical. Although she does well in doggy playgroups and is co-housed during the day with her best canine pal—a large male husky—Wynonna would do best as the only dog in the household.




She can become overly exuberant and she is unable to read the body language of other dogs, especially when they are tired and no longer wish to play with her. For this reason, she has not done well in foster with other dogs. She is playful and loves outdoor activities, but her favorite activity is to hang out with her people. She does well with children and is a cuddle bug. Like many deaf dogs, Wynonna does not like to be alone and she is not a dog that can be left by herself for long periods. Wynonna is an intelligent girl and quickly learned the hand signals for “sit,” “no,” and “this way.” Wynonna is a shelter favorite and enjoys her interaction with volunteers, but what she is really looking for is a permanent home which will provide her with a consistent daily routine and lots of love. This is a dog that will quickly wiggle her way into your heart. Wynonna is spayed and vaccinated and aside from deafness has no other medical issues.