Wilma’s Mae’s Happy Tail written by Nina Patten

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Hello my name is Wilma Mae and I am a 12 year old Boston Terrier. My mom isn’t sure where her parents adopted me at but when they got me home when I was a puppy I got REALLY sick. When they took me to the vet the first time they found out that I had Parvo. It was horrible! My mom was a high school student at the time and even though she woke up early every morning for school she still stayed up all night to take care of me when I needed her too. I loved to cuddle with her. It took a long time for me to get better.

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When I finally did I developed something called Irritable Bowel Syndrome and still my mom stayed up all night to clean me up and watch me. After I finally started feeling better again they took me to the vet again. Boy they sure liked to do that. Anyway, they told the vet that I wasn’t responding to them or to the noises around me.

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They don’t know whether I was born deaf or if being so sick made me lose my hearing. My moms parents would get really frustrated while they were training me I never understood what they were saying but my mom taught me hand signals and I picked those up really fast. After a few years my mom left for college and I couldn’t follow her. I was really sad.

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No one else understood that I can’t hear and kept trying to make me hear them. They also stopped using the hand signals so I never knew what they wanted me to do. Finally my mom came back and realized that everyone forgetting to use hand signals to get my attention. When she and her fiancé (my new dad) moved in together I got to go with her. It took a lot to convince her parents to let me go but I’m glad they did. Now I like to sit on the back of a chair in front of the window and look out at everyone and bark like crazy when semi trucks and motorcycles go past. I also love to play with my brother, Henry, who is a dachshund with a mean streak that I have finally won over.

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