Meet adoptable deaf 3 year old Australian Shepherd Weston who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will be his very best friend and always  keep him safe (and cherished).

From his caregiver: Weston is a Deaf three-year-old, velcro Aussie. He is very loving, smart, and protective of his person. He responds well with a vibration collar for recall, and understands basic sign language (sit, lay, stay, no, stop, come, quiet, bed, cage, eat, down, go, and his name sign). I am rehoming him, due to his recent aggressive behavior towards my other dogs. One of which is Deaf/Blind, and a mini.

Weston is great with kids/people and loves to run. He loves for his back and ears to be rubbed. If Weston feels neglected, or slighted in any way, he “talks back”, and will give you the side eye. He has a very big personality. He does not have the MDR1 gene, but I am still careful that meds are given to him. He does have a sensitive stomach, so I avoid grain and poultry products. He does well with beef and pumpkin foods.