Meet adoptable deaf 5 year old English Bulldog Walter who is looking for a loving home with a person who will cherish him and always keep him safe and secure. Walter would do great in a home with a person who maybe works from home who can give him their love and attention and he also needs to be an only dog. Walter deserves to have one on one time and become his new person’s best friend.

From his rescue advocate: Walter was surrendered to our rescue when he was 18 months old because he could not co exist with the other dog in the home. It was a difficult decision for the owner. SNAFU rescue (Short Noses and Friends United) took Walter in and I was his foster for three months.

Walter was as a fat happy playful teddy bear that flourished in foster care. He was centrally placed with a family in Tennessee and to our knowledge thrived. I stayed in contact with the family and they sent pictures of Walter lounging poolside and appeared to be living his best life. Fast forward two years. I received a message from the family a couple weeks ago stating they wanted to surrender him back to rescue. “Job change” was the reason they stayed and drove him back to Omaha, back in my care.

When Walter got back to us, he was not the same dog I had fostered two years ago. Nails overgrown into his skin, lost 15lbs, cowers when I pet him, ignored all toys, skid ish and shy. IMO he was ignored and forgotten about because the family got busy with their kids and Walter became a burden. He is a great dog. In the time I have been working with him he is back to being silly and trusting. He loves his daily routine. He LOVES his people and will follow you around all day. He needs a family that will make him center of attention and not leave him out. He does need to be the only pet. He is in foster and will be available for adoption shortly. Please follow the link for his status.