Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Walter who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, become his new best friend and always keep him safe.

From his advocate: Walter was rescued from our local county shelter 2 months ago. He is estimated to be between 3-5 years old. He was found as a stray so his background is unknown. Over the 2 months, we have been training basic obedience such as sit, stay, and learning to walk on a leash. He is a fast learner. Within the first few days, he was able to wait for his food before eating it! We have got him to sit on his bed while we eat dinner so he is not bothering us at the table. He enjoys sitting on you like a lap dog and snuggling up with you. Walter has done well with being in a crate during the night or if I have to leave for a bit during the day. I typically make him a frozen kong treat which keeps him occupied.

Walter is house-trained and will stand by the door if he needs to go out. Due to being deaf, we keep him on a 30-foot lead in our backyard since our fence is so low. In the house, we have kept a leash on him as a way to correct things like sniffing the counter (this is what a trainer told us to do). Overall he is mellow and really enjoys playing with his toys. He has a Jolly Ball for the yard which he loves to fetch. He absolutely loves people. If someone comes over, he is already on his back ready to say hi and has a wiggly butt!

He needs to be in a house that does not have cats. As far as kids, he has not been around them since he has been with me. He did allow two kids on bikes to pet him on a walk one day.

If you live within driving distance of Rockford IL and would like to meet him in person, please contact Elonza at: