Meet adoptable deaf 2 year old Vinny who is 60 pound so pure joy looking for a loving forever family/person of  his own.

From his rescue advocate: Meet Vinny, the ultimate family dog and couch potato extraordinaire! Vinny, the epitome of sweetness, is eagerly awaiting his forever home! This friendly guy adores people of all ages, including kids, and his playful nature makes him a social butterfly with other dogs. Exploring new spaces is a thrilling adventure for Vinny, as he loves to sniff around and take in all the scents of the world. After a nice walk or hike, this mellow pup becomes the king of relaxation, happily plopping onto his back for belly scratches.

Cuddles are Vinny’s specialty, and his affectionate nature will melt your heart. He loves treats, chews, and snacks, making training a breeze as he eagerly responds to doggy sign language for sit, down, his name, look at me, and good job. Whether you have a resident dog or are seeking a companion for yourself, Vinny is the perfect match. With his calm and laid-back demeanor, he’s a big couch potato who’ll happily snuggle up beside you for cozy evenings. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring this bundle of love into your life. Vinny is ready to shower you with endless affection and become your most loyal companion.

Vinny is an AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Meet Vinny at Pets In Need Palo Alto today. More information and photos of him can be found at

Name: Vinny
Age: 2 years
Size: 60 pounds
Gender: Male
Location: Pets In Need Palo Alto, 3281 E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303