Deaf Dogs Rock wants to welcome our friend and fellow deaf/blind dog advocate Rose Adler. Rose lives with a beautiful deaf-blind dog named Braille. We sent Rose a PetSafe Remote Rechargeable training collar (vibration only) and asked her if she would help us help deaf/blind dog families learn about vibration collar recall (come here) training so she put together this wonderful training video for all of you to learn from. Thanks Rose for taking the time to put this educational video together for our Deaf Dogs Rock Community.

According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud, Bowie and myself, you and Braille totally rock! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock





Things you will need for this training: 


From Rose Adler: 

This video outlines my preferred technique for training recall with a deaf and blind dog, using a vibration collar.

As always, safety should be your number one priority, so make sure to have complete control over your dog. It is recommended to have your dog on a long line in unfenced areas. I also advocate for positive training methods, so that we can best raise happy, confident dogs, who also happen to have special needs. Never use a vibration collar for correction or punishment.
Featured in this video is Braille, a one year old Australian Shepherd who is deaf and blind.
In this video the PetSafe Remote Rechargeable Trainer (Vibration Only)was used on Braille.