Meet adoptable deaf 5 year old female bully/boxer mix Ty who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her, become her new BFF, and always keep her safe.

From her current caregiver: Ty is a sweet little girl with a chronic underbite – her top front teeth were removed when she was little. She is a HUGE cuddle bug, and wants to be near you. She is timid of people at first and will bark, but once she is given the opportunity to check them out at her own pace, she falls in love and you’ll know she’s nuts about you.

I adopted Ty when she was 6 months old and she’ll be 5 this August. She truly is so loving but also demands affection for herself. She has a lot of energy, and loves sticks and tennis balls. She is a toy destroyer, but thankfully destroys nothing but her own things. She is house and crate trained, and knows signs for “sit,” “no,” “down,” and “stay” (sometimes). She needs a refresher on her commands (which I am more than happy to assist with upon finding the perfect new family) but this will just help her settle into her new home quicker with the familiarity. She walks alright on a leash but prefers a yard anyways – she seems to always be on guard on her leash and previous dog trainers have said she’s very strong willed.

She would be best in a home without other animals or children – she doesn’t want to fight for the attention. Unfortunately she started getting aggressive with my younger dog over attention and possession of people, and we decided it would be best to find her the perfect home where she wouldn’t have to fight for her needs. She lived with my younger dog for about 2 years but her aggression grew over the course of about 6 months before we determined her behavior wasn’t safe for either animal. Prior to living with my younger dog, she played at dog parks and with neighbor dogs perfectly fine. She was attacked by a dog at around 8 months old so she has a slit in her tongue – but it never seems to bother her. She’s a nosy pup and wants to check everything out. She can be defensive of her toys around unknown dogs, but food and toys were never a possession issue in the home.

She has never been aggressive towards people, but it seems like her best home would be one with her as the only animal. She has spent time around children I nanny and never had any issues except the overly-excited kisses or jumping here or there – but out of protection for Ty, I would only recommend interaction with children under supervision AFTER her new loving owner has gotten to know her and establishes expectations with said children. Like I said, she has never had any issues as I have known her my whole life – but we cannot be to cautious going forward for her best interest.

If this seems concerning or you have questions, reach out and I’m happy to elaborate. She loves to sleep in bed with you under the covers, and she snores (man, will I miss her snores). She would stay in bed with you all day long if you didn’t get up – you’ll never have to have your heater on. She is a very happy pup that simply wants affection and love, without the stress of extra animals. I am very sad that I couldn’t give that to her and I felt wrong keeping her to potentially put her in a bad situation as I have kids around, so I am putting as much effort as I can into finding her a perfect forever home.