Meet adoptable deaf, 6 year old Tucker who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, become his new best friend and always keep him safe.

From his shelter advocate: Tucker came to our shelter after several run-ins with animal control. Not because Tucker was doing anything wrong, his owners were simply unintentional and often left the door open so Tucker would be found roaming the neighborhood. He never went far and was always friendly and eager to meet people, sometimes people did not appreciate that. What we were told is that Tucker’s original owner was the granddaughter of the people that surrendered him to us.

She had moved in with a friend and Tucker was not allowed there so the grandparents took him but due to their own health issues, physically they were not able to give him exercise or the attention he needed. Tucker has been at our shelter for some time. Recently an experienced trainer began volunteering with us and has been working with Tucker.

Tucker is very smart and very food motivated. He knows some basic obedience skills suck as sit and down. She has also begun working with him using a vibration collar the assist in recall. Tucker is a great boy and takes everything in stride. He responds well to respectful correction and has tons of potential to learn so much because he is willing, he simply has never been asked/taught before. Tucker loves his bed and loves toys. Balls are his favorite. Anything stuffed will not stay stuffed for long.

Tucker has had some bad experiences with other animals which have caused him to pick up some undesired habits. For this reason he is looking for a home where he can be an only pet or with someone with lots of training and socialization experience that can work deliberately to correct these issues. He is wonderful with people and loves to snuggle.