Thanks to Jee for sending us Tripps wonderful Extraordinary Deaf Dog story. We love to feature bully breeds because we know how much they rock! With consistent training,the possibilities for a deaf dog to become a therapy dog are endless! We hope you enjoy Tripp’s story.

~ Christina, Nitro, Bud and Bowie – Deaf Dogs Rock



Tripp Is Rocking His Abassador Bullies Therapy Dog Training by Jeehae Choe


Tripp came from a show breeder who didn’t find out about his hearing impairment until he was separated from his litter mates and placed with his new family. His family had no experience whatsoever with owning and training a deaf puppy, so someone recommended that they reach out to Ambassador Bullies Dog Training, Inc. for assistance. We are a dog training organization, who occasionally use our profits to go towards rescuing and fostering adoptable “ambassador” bully breed dogs to be trained for service dog work, therapy dog work, or to be placed in good loving homes after completing our training program.


It wasn’t long before we realized Tripp was made for therapy dog work. He is an absolute people person dog and wants nothing more than to be around people. His calm, laid-back and outgoing personality made him an absolute natural to be considered for therapy dog training!


Tripp’s basic obedience training began the minute he arrived to his new home and at 7 months old he has mastered all of his basic hand signals.  Tripp is more focused and obedient than most average puppies at his age. To say I was “head over heels in love” with Tripp was an understatement.


I currently live with my own personal service dog and I had no intention of getting another dog but Tripp stole my heart. He not only stole my heart but he took off with it and made sure I could never get it back! To live with a working dog that’s not allowed to interact with the public like my service dog and then to bring in another working dog whose job is to interact with the public by spreading love and joy like Tripp does as a therapy dog is a complete readjustment process for me. Tripp’s mission in life is to be an “Ambassador Bully” for all bully breeds as a way to help ban Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). He will help to educate the public about proper ways to interact/greet a dog, as well as safety protocols and etiquette for bite prevention.


As of right now Tripp is enjoying his puppy hood by attending pet-friendly events until he is old enough to be an official Ambassador Bullies Therapy Dog.

-Jee-Ambassador Bullies Dog Training, Inc.