It gives me great pleasure to tell all of you that Toby the young deaf spotted boxer boy who was listed on Craigslist in CA (because his owner had passed away a couple of months back) is now at Angle Dog Foundation Deaf Dog Ranch. I contacted the person who had Toby and put her in touch with Lisa Tipton of Angel Dog Foundation Deaf Dog Ranch Rescue. I told Lisa if there was any way she could make room for Toby, that Deaf Dogs Rock would sponsor Toby with the first $ 100 to go towards his shots and neutering. Lisa and I were not sure if the young lady would deliver Toby to the Deaf Dog Ranch because she had so many private individuals contact her about adopting Toby.


Lisa and I both communicated to the young lady that if Toby were to be taken in by Angel Dog Foundation, Toby would receive the medical attention he needed, have some much needed training at the ADF Deaf Dog Ranch. We also pointed out to her that when it was time for Toby to be put up for adoption, Lisa would make sure to go through a very stringent approval screening process to make sure Toby would go to a great home in the end.


Lisa sent me a message on Father’s Day last Sunday that Toby had indeed arrived on the Ranch. Thanks to all of you who donated to Deaf Dogs Rock because we were able to sponsor Toby and help Lisa out with some of her costs. If you have not checked out the Angel Dog Foundation Deaf Dogs Ranch, please click here to see what this amazing organization does for deaf dogs. If you have a few extra dollars I know Lisa would appreciate any support you can give her and Angel Dog Foundation Deaf Dogs Ranch.

To learn more about the Angel Dog Foundation Deaf Dogs Ranch, please click here. 


According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, you all totally ROCK for supporting us here at Deaf Dogs Rock! Also a big shout out to Mark and Lisa Tipton for making room Toby!

~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock