Hi my name is Diana and I am a volunteer with Dalmatian Rescue of SW Virginia. I am a rescue-adoption coordinator and we have helped over 1000 dalmatians find new forever homes.


I also foster for this rescue and that is how my deaf dog “Izzy” came into my life. She along with her sister Lola came into the rescue after their owner married and the new wife didnt want the two dogs near her children. They were banned to the back yard where they were chained up. The owner felt bad and contacted the rescue to see if we could take them into our program. Both of pups came into my home as fosters and immediately I knew something was different about them. If they were asleep when I came home, they wouldnt wake up unless I touched them.

I contacted the director of our rescue and we had them taken to Va Tech Vet School for the Baer test. We soon found out that both dogs were totally deaf. This is not uncommon for dalmatians but it makes them no less of a dog. We just take more precautions when finding them new homes.

Izzy was adopted twice and both times it didnt work out. The day she left for her second home I vowed that if she ever came back I would keep her. Well she was returned so I ended up being what we call a failed foster home. She quickly learned hand signals and that is how we communicate with each other. When Izzy doesn’t want to listen, she can be stubborn and refuse to look in my direction for a command. I have had her in my life for four years now and she is approaching eight years old in December.

She has brought so much joy to my family and I over the years. She is very affectionate and she loves attention. She gets along great with my other five dogs and loves all the people she meets. She is my first deaf dog and I would not hesitate again in adding another deafie to our pack. Deaf dogs are often overlooked, misunderstood and often put to sleep because of their disability.

Izzy is very in tune with my every move and never lets me out of her sight. She is energetic and playful and loves to run. We live on 100 acres and she has plenty of space to run like a gazelle. Izzy is my best friend and a very faithful companion. When I come home from work, she always greets me with the famous dalmatian smile.

Deaf Dogs Rock! Diana Crush – Southwest Virginia Dalmatian Rescue


Note from Christina – Thanks to Diane for sending us a Happy Tail on Izzy. According to my deaf dog Nitro, Izzy totally ROCKS!