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Therapy Dog Lottie Dot

Update 4-3-2013: Therapy Dog Lottie Dog is nominated for the American Humane Association’s 2013 Hero Dog Awards. We at Deaf Dogs Rock want to congratulate Patricia Belt and her dog Lottie Dot and wish them good luck. Wouldn’t it be so awesome if a deaf dog won a Hero Dog Award? Voting Starts May 11, 2013. Here is a link to Lottie Dot’s page:



Written by: Patricia Belt – Therapy Dog Lottie Dot

Lottie Dot, Spotters Sparkled Promise, earned her CGC in 2005 at 6 months old and became a registered therapy dog and Reading Education Assistance Dog in 2006.


Lottie Dot received the AKC’s new Therapy Dog title this year with over 700 hours of therapy work and just celebrated 5 years working at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She visits hospitals, a prison for women, schools and does Fire Safety and Dog Bite Prevention Programs. She is one of a kind.


The goal of TN Safely Spotters is to introduce you into the world of deaf therapy dogs. The Spotters travel all over the Mid South area with their owner, trainer and handler, Patricia Belt, teaching children about Fire Safety and Dog Bite Prevention for example, how to stop, drop and roll, and how to safely approach and pet a dog.

They visit schools, libraries, hospitals, Fire Stations, camps, and special events sharing smiles and joy to all. These dogs are registered Therapy Dogs, R. E. A. D. ® dogs AND they do lots of tricks making learning fun.

These special Dalmatians hear with their heart and not their ears.

Come enter the world of deaf, working Therapy Dogs. It’s a sight to see!

To check out TN Spotter’s, Inc homepage click here.




  1. i have a deaf dalmatian
    that i wanted to get certified as a therapy dog
    (especially for the reading for children program)
    i looked online and the info i found said
    that the therapy organization would not certify
    a deaf dog!!!!

    please tell me what i am missing
    where i can go to get my sweet girl

    will wait to hear from you

    many thanks,
    holly papa

  2. Thank you DDR! You are doing wonderful things to educate the public on what great companions deaf dogs are!
    Lottie Dot needs everyone’s help in the Hero Dog Awards. There are many great therapy dogs entered. Lottie Dot opened doors not just for deaf dogs but for therapy dogs. Setting a good example for all, she entered areas that were once off limits. For 7 years Lottie Dot has given her love and understanding to those that need it and defines what a Hero Therapy Dog is! She needs you to vote daily starting May 7th!

    Please share with your friends and let’s get this special 4-legged healer recognized as a Hero Therapy Dog. Thanks, Patricia
    Visit her on Facebook and say hello!

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