Meet adoptable deaf red heeler Teigan who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will love him, give him structure and always keep him safe. After being pulled from a shelter he was discovered to have major ear infections which would explain him being so grumpy at the shelter. He is now a happy and health boy. Teigan is looking for a experienced heeler person who will continue his training, have him live as an inside dog but have access to a secure fenced in yard where he will be safe.


Here is his back story.

I have until Jan 9 to find this boy a home. Or a foster but preferably a permanent home. Here’s his story: found in an area of no homes in October. Animal Control caught and took to shelter. Everyday he became more progressively scared and thus became aggressive in the kennel. He was labeled aggressive- sentenced to death. In step I because I know for sure my recently-deceased-love-of-my-life-Smoochie-blueheeler-dog would have acted the same. Heelers do not do well in shelters- most dogs don’t.


Teigan was labeled rescue only or death. Found a wonderful rescue -Hearts4Paws based out of Utah through a mutual dog rescue friend I met on his shelter thread. Rescue agreed to pull him if I would agree to take responsibility for him. They agreed to handle all donations I could get as well-Vet bills and training have been almost $5000. We are still fundraising- I have gone out of pocket to pay for everything and as I’m undergoing cancer treatment this has put a big strain on us but I just couldn’t let him be euthanized. This wonderful rescue angel-Maggie- lives close to the shelter (I live 3 1/2 hours north) and agreed to pick him up and take him directly to a trainer I found who has worked with aggressive dogs. Upon picking him up at shelter Maggie discovered he had a horrible ear infection- shelter refused to treat him and vet refused to neuter or care for him. I was astounded. Immediately the trainer had no trouble transferring him from the carrier to his new carrier and we arranged for her to take him to a vet right away.


It turns out Tiegan had a terrible ear infection- and a lot of pain. After a few days he returned for neutering. He since has turned into a happy, healthy boy. He is on a holistic diet, continued ear meds and is almost done with two full months of training. Please watch his video to see what a wonderful dog he has turned into. He is full of joy and love and is so happy that he has been given a chance at life! Unfortunately he has partial hearing loss from the ear infection so will need a special home that understands both Heelers and has the patience to learn to work with the hand signals he knows and the ecollar he has been trained with (it works on vibration not pain). It really is not that difficult to have a dog with hearing challenges – I’ve had two now. He does well with other dogs- cats unknown. He will do best in a home with a fenced yard due to his hearing loss for his own safety. The trainer is located near Camp Pendleton and will handle all meet and greets. An adoption application will be necessary. Please help- share and network – and have people message me directly to get info about how to proceed and meet him in person.