Meet adoptable deaf senior dog Tank who is looking for a loving forever home where he will be the only pet. Since he is 13 years old he would like to retire to a lap of luxury with a new best friend to chill with and someone who will always keep him safe. He is just a sweet Goober!

From his current caregiver: Tank is a 13 year old, deaf Staffordshire Terrior, weighing in at about 130lbs. He has had a rough start in life with a few bad owners: one kept him chained up so he would chew through the chains so he now doesn’t have any sharp teeth, one cut his ears off unprofessionally so his ear canals have no protection, one kept him outside all the time in the elements and he ended up with many ear infections resulting in his hearing loss. I was able to bring him into my home and spoil this couch potato but I have to accept the fact that he can’t be in a home with other dogs.



Because of Tank’s past and age he is quick to warning snap at dogs that he doesn’t realize are there until they are right up on him, which can result in dog fights.

Tank is a fantastic family dog! He absolutely loves kids and loves to cuddle with them.


He is in great shape for a senior and you wouldn’t know his age just by looking at him until you look into his eyes, which are that of an old soul. This big boy would be an amazing addition to any home that just needs a calm companion.

Tank’s adoption fee is $150 to a screened and approved home only. You must live within a two or so hour drive of Dahlonega GA to meet Tank in person. If you are interested in adopting Tank, please email Brittany for a blank adoption application to fill out to be considered. Her email is:

Brittany Manley