Meet adoptable 7 year old, deaf husky Striker who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, become his new best friend and always keep him safe.

From his shelter advocate: Striker came to us at the Finney County Humane Society on May 6, 2024. He was brought in as a stray from the county area, so he might like to explore or was dumped by a community member. He is a black and white dog with a very thick husky coat and has these gorgeous blue eyes. He is big boy, weighing in at around 67 lbs., he is kind of short and long. Striker is very sweet, and gentle.


He hasn’t really barked or misbehaved in anyway. Upon arrival he received an intra-nasal Bordetella (kennel cough) and DHPP (parvo) vaccines. He was also dewormed (Virbantel) and given a flea treatment (First act). Striker, like most stray dogs that come in, was a little anxious and has gotten an upset stomach. He is getting a stool supplement to correct the tummy problem. He has always had good spirits and a smile on his face! We hate to see dogs like that stay in a shelter environment for too long because they tend to lose that sparkle in their eye. He has only been with us a few days but we are quite smitten with him! We would like to see Striker go to a kind home that is as gentle as he is.