Meet adoptable deaf 3.5 year old Stormfly who is looking for a loving forever home! She’s named after a dragon from the hit movie “How to Train Your Dragon” because she can fly over fences, quite easily! Stormfly arrived at Great River Rescue as a city stray, so we don’t know much about her background except that she was found with two puppies (who have found homes). She has been adopted and returned twice. The first time she returned was because apartment life was not for her, as she has severe separation anxiety and can be extremely loud. They also reported that she would hyper-fixate on the cats in the home, but was hard to tell if she was just overexcited or a high prey drive.

The second time she returned was because Stormfly had gotten into a pretty bad fight with the other female dog in the home (the owner stated it was over a bone). Stormfly is pretty dog-selective and seems to prefer male dogs over females. She has gotten along with every person she’s met and has never had any issues in this aspect.


She is an extremely loving, friendly, and playful girl who loves nothing more than to be by your side! Stormfly loves going on walks, she is a puller sometimes but not too bad, and rides very well in a car. She does not do well in a shelter setting, as the high stress is making her anxiety much worse, and she behaves very poorly in her kennel to the point we are afraid she is going to injure herself (she has already broken a tooth, which has been fixed). Stormfly is on a prescription of Trazadone but has just started it as of 4/8/24 so it has not taken effect yet. This beautiful girl is such a good dog, she just needs the perfect match that’s out there somewhere!